Changing the paradigm.

Twenty-seven days left for my internship programme. I have endured hardship here and there, though I am glad to have people by my side to continue sending me words to strive on. Somehow, I believe that I have matured a lot throughout the internship, I guess. I do my own self reflection, lately. Like, on how much I have complained on why did I ever chose Bintulu as my internship place over and over again. I was unable to see the whole picture on how everything was in the end planned by the Almighty. Learning to be grateful, could be easy on the saying, but do we I  really say Alhamdulillah for the past things I have gained. I have always questioned myself, where did this strong girl go? Where did the confidence go? Where did the hyperactive girl went? I was indeed, lost. Questioning where did a part of myself went too. I was different. Thus, a self reflection is vital to find myself back. To revive.

I have developed more love towards ichthyology (study of fish).

I came up with a new hobby to grow --> fishing and polishing up my languages.

I have come to realise that everyone has their own distinct specialty to build up.

I just needed to believe in myself.

I need to develop skills and network wherever I go.

Thinking outside of the box is a must to go far. Question the 5W1H and do not simply go with the flow.

Strengthen the faith and increase amal because our ultimate journey is the hereafter.

No need to be depressed all the time, need to stay calm and see the rationality behind every event.

Recent picnic with my buddies in UPM Bintulu Campus

That somehow, summarized on how I have actually done self reflection on the hardship days. I must stay strong. Stay intact. Do well. Be brave. Believe in myself. Do what feels good. Take risks. Because we only live once, "This difficulty is not going to defeat me; it's going to promote me. It's not going to hinder me; it's going to help me. Don't just go through it, GROW through it."We should really make ourselves proud!  Have a great weekend, people :)

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