Internship at Universiti Putra Malaysia Bintulu Campus


Today marks the end of the sixth week of my internship which means six weeks left for the end of my degree life. Internship has been a very different experience for me. Fyi, I'm currently having my internship at Universiti Putra Malaysia Bintulu Campus (UPMKB). To be frank, this has been the longest semester EVER. And I'm fatigue, just so. Imagine completing your final year in your final semester with barely any holiday, and we all began our internship right after our final paper of our final semester. Tough, indeed.

Top right: My workplace at Jabatan Sains Haiwan dan Perikanan 
Top right below: The route entering UPMKB 
Top Left: One of the route to the library and classrooms
Left below: Kolej Seri Rajang (KSR) where you attend any hostel problems 

Oh well, since I am blessed to go here to experience another university I'd like to give some review. In general, UPMKB is located at Bintulu, Sarawak. As I've been to used in staying at Terengganu for three years, I find the new environment is quite challenging. Although the people are friendly but the food is not to my particular taste surprisingly (in which I am not that choosy). You may find good food but not always and the price in average is from RM5 and above. Normally, in the cafe typical food like soy and sauce based are popular. Not to forget HOTDOGS are so typical here. Like seriously. Since the majority of the community here is Chinese so there is barely any Muslim shop around. There is, but yeah as I've said before everything is very COSTLY here. Probably because it is an oil town like Kerteh. 

Foods I ate at Pantai Tanjung Batu, Bintulu which looks scrumptious as its' price

There is also barely any rental car like in UMT, so the students here opted for taxis to go for shopping, in which more COST to add up. Taxi fare ranges from RM12-RM40 depending on where your destination is. And I sincerely would like to share my tips where you should learn basic mandarin to get some discounts for the taxi fare. I did it and it works. Other than that UPMKB has only one degree course which is Bio-industry, and another 90% of students are the diploma students in about 7 courses if I'm not mistaken (do google up). Thus, throughout my internship here it is very lively since majority of the students are here unlike in UMT where only one diploma course is there. I'm also easily mistaken by the locals thinking that I was one of the diploma students.

From top left: Bintulu mosque, Pasar Utama Bintulu, Bakery, Pantai Tanjung Batu, Bintulu

Places to go is also very limited: Pantai Tanjung Batu, Farley, Sing Kwong and PCM for shopping, Bintulu Mosque, TUMBINA and bakery? There is not much entertainment here, I could say. To explore nearby places, you can take up a bus to Miri or Sibu and if you want to go to Kuching, you will be staying on the bus for almost eight hours (just like travelling from Terengganu to Johor) with a bumpy journey all the way. Flight ticket fare to KL normally ranges from RM 120- RM 300 ONE WAY people. Not cheap at all, might as well I fly to Bandung like I did last year where it only cost me RM 283 to and fro. Sadly.

From left: Doing my own aquarium, my own temporary UPMKB card, and with my new met degree friend, Fana.

That sums up the review of living in UPMKB. Those who intend to pursue your studies here either in diploma, bachelor or postgraduates, just think again though. Thoroughly. Despite the lack of everything, of course there is some good things here which I can't deny where the evergreen environment is calming, nice people and...... That's all I could think of. *giggles* It's fine for a short experience though. I wouldn't want to stay here any longer. I still miss the peninsular. I miss Terengganu.  As for my internship experience, I was exposed in doing my own aquarium, water quality and ammonia analysis experiment and also doing research on invasive species. Half way there. So, let's persevere. Hope to see the end of this.

I believe writing could actually ease my stress. I should start writing again and share to inspire. Another chapter of life coming soon. Work or Masters. Will update soon. I've enjoyed till now. Hope you have too. Toodles~


  1. hi there. I stumbled upon this post of yours when I tried to search for internship at UPMKB. I'm from Bintulu but currently studying at Kuching and I'm interested to do my internship at UPMKB since my hometown is there, will be easier for me to go in and out from home. But I'm not sure whether my major is available to do intern there, I'm taking Communication Studies under Faculty of Social Sciences. Is there internship available for my field at the campus? I'm just trying to survey first before really go for my intern around July and August 2016. Thanks if you can help me out. :)

    1. I am sorry for my late reply, sister. Like my case, I approached the supervisor myself and secured myself a place for internship. You can also do an alternative way by contacting the faculty yourself if you are interested. But from what I know, UPM Bintulu is specified for the faculty of food and sciences. Thus, I doubt there is any internship available for your field. Though, you can still visit the website for further details :)


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