The true meaning of graduation.

Happiness is the journey not the destination.

Three years of degree completed. Went on a runaway to get the scroll for three seconds. Is that all? Well, all thanks to the Almighty I officially graduated on the 24th October 2015. A precious day, especially to my mom. To see me walking towards the pro chancellor and receive the scroll. As for me, it was REALLY a bitter sweet moment. Bitter at most. I had this mixed feelings. I was like, this was seriously the end. I might not be able to meet my close friends anymore. Everyone is set to go on their path. When will I ever meet them again? I felt bitter. All sweet memories during university life lingered in my mind as I came out of the hall. I wanted to meet everybody one last time. Honestly though, I think that was the best part of university life. Being able to make good friends that will always be there when you are in need. Priceless.

Intelligence plus character - That is the goal of true education - Martin Luther King Jr.

Despite the three year degrees flew by swiftly, I believed that it is really just the beginning. Graduation is like a celebration to the people I have met, the friends I made and to whom I have become today. I genuinely felt grateful to everything that I had throughout the three years journey. I was blessed to travel overseas four times, I met different kind of peoples from club attachments and I felt my character developed as time goes by. Regardless of the unending hurdles, I am truly grateful.

You know the future is really happening, when you start feeling scared - quoted

People has been asking, so what's next? And I'm like -- Let time unfolds the truth. :) I would like to give my graduation tribute to my very valuable and important person (VVIP) in my life -- my Mom. Your ceaseless contribution in my life is inevitable. Next tribute would be to my daddy. Your motivation towards me was inspirational. Not to forget, my little sister (Adik), you have been the best counselor and best friend since forever. Also, to Athira Sulaiman, Nadia Natasya Rozmi, Shahirah Ibrahim, Nasuha Izyan, Aishah Shukor, Amirul Shafiq, Nazirul Amin, Amirah Faizah, Haslina Rani, Ummi Amalina, Qura Marzuki, Margaret William, Amelia Tan, Lukamulhakim, Zulshafikka, my classmates, V@Homestay team, ENACTUS team, Singapore-Malaysia Youth Leadership Exchange Programme (SMYLEP) team, Japan East-Asia Network of Exchange Students and Youth (JENESYS) team, Final Year Project (FYP) team, musolla friends and to all that was with me directly or indirectly. Thank you for making my life a colourful and exciting one. I truly appreciate it. May Allah bless each one of you.

That was all the worldly stuff of course, and it made me reflect. How does the university life developed me into a better Muslim? Traits which I believe is essential as Muslims are being focus in their life goals (World and Hereafter), keeps his promises, respects each other, have faith and seek the Almighty (always - tested or not), having patience (I ams till learning), conduct cleanliness and read a lot (key to knowledge)! Other than that, I learnt that we have to learn to love our self then only we can start to share the love to others. Accept our strength and weaknesses. Appreciate and acknowledge others. Because in the end, Allah knows that He created each one of us to complement each other. There is a saying that comparison is the thief of joy. So, enough comparing and start living the moment! All the best in your future endeavours dear friends. Till we meet again, next time -- Gods willing.

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