Use your senses justly.

Vision, hearing, touch, smell and taste are the main sensory system that we have. Have we ever been grateful with our given senses? When was the last time we actually said that we are thankful with what we have. Or do we keep on looking and comparing at other people's happiness. We complain - too much that we tend to forget we are heading to a bigger reality which is the Akhirah. I have been doing some self reflection myself which I believe everyone should give it some thought too.

1. With the vision which Allah gives us; what have we done with it? Do we see good things and stop the wrongly?

2. How about our sense of hearing? Are we using fairly or we prefer listening to gossips?

3. As for smell, touch and taste? What goes in our tummy, do we even think about the Halal  aspect or do we simply take the syubhah (uncertain) things as long as they are edible? Do we enjoy touching here and there of our opposite gender?

I believe that prayer is the ultimate solution. I would like to invite each one of you to recheck your prayers from the taking abulation (wudhu') till our final salam. Prayer has three main attributes which are being done purely and sicnerely for the sake of Allah alone (sincerity/ikhlas), fear of Allah and for the remembrance of Allah. After all, it has been clearly stated in the Quran, surah al-Ankabut verse 45 that prayer could prevent immoral sins and evil deeds. If we are still doing the munkar, then don't you think there is something wrong with our prayer?

“Recite what has been revealed to you of the Book, and perform the Salah. 

Verily, the Salah prevents from Al-Fahsha’ (immoral sins) and Al-Munkar (evil 

deeds) and the remembering (praising) of Allah is greater indeed. And Allah 

knows what you do.”

Think, smile and do your own self reflection. Do continue in performing prayer in proper manner and devotion despite the lacking of ikhlas in ourselves. Be steadfast level by level to lead our heart in becoming ikhlas in whatever we do. My final words for thought are from the scholar Hasan Al-Bashri.

"In this life, the believer is just like a prisoner who strives hard to free his neck;he never feels safe until he meets Allah, the Exalted and Most Honored."

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