Benefits of selawat

اللهم صل على محمد وآل محمد

Many often overlook the benefits of selawat in their daily life. It is the key to be rewarded by Allah s.w.t in the hereafter. Selawat also encompasses of different kinds of recitation like Ibrahimiyah, Munijiyah, Ummi, Fatih, Syifa, Badriyah etc. However, in this particular post I'd like to emphasize the benefits of it.

1. We will be forgiven.
2. Anxiety and sadness will be removed. (Read x10)
3. Our desires will be granted (If not all, it will ease our journey)
4. Acceptance of Du'a and 'amal.
5. Healing for ourselves.
6. Granted hidayah.

By reciting it sincerely and consistently, not only our live will be peaceful but it will also be blessed. Let us remind ourselves towards the love and affection of our prophet by consistently practising the sunnah of selawat. May Allah grant us Jannah with this little effort. :)

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