Covering up~

A conversation between my niece and I began when she wanted to pray with me...

Me: Do you have telekung (prayer attire) with you?
Najlaa: I have my tudung with me. 
Me: I will give you socks to cover your your feet okay?
Najlaa: Why must we cover our feet?
Me: Well, we must cover our aurah.
Najlaa: What is aurah, mak ngah (aunty)?
Me: Aurah is part of our body that we must cover to protect our honour and dignity and we women in particular can only show our face and hands whenever we go outside and when we are praying.
Najlaa: Alright, I want to cover it now. Let's pray!

Subhanallah. Indeed, kids are born in a state of fitrah like a piece of white cloth and we are the one that should be shaping them towards a good Muslim. May Allah strengthen our faith and make all of us a good Muslim and be granted Jannah~

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