Goodbye 2016

It is almost the end of 2016.
So many memories created.
Hard times and good times. 
But hard times definitely dominated this year.
Cried umpteenth time.
Shifted here and there.
To be frank, I wasn't sure what I was doing at all.
I remembered almost giving up.
But Allah gave me strength to endure those hardships until today.
One thing for sure,
I've learned that through all these struggles.
I needed time for myself.
Learn to feel and be comfortable with yourself. Be gentle.
Believe that you are doing your very best to cope and survive. 
We plan things and when it does not go as planned,
Know that Allah knows what is best for us.
Hard time shall pass.
Time will heal and the right time will come for each one of us.
It is a blessing in disguise to build our own character.

"Sometimes the strongest people are the one who love beyond all faults, crying behind closed door, and fight battles that nobody knows - Unknown"

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