Brunei: Abode of peace

I am blessed to be chosen to go to Brunei recently to attend YSEALI Green Generation Workshop from 24th February to 1st March 2017. The journey to Brunei was nerve wrecking where our plane had to make a transit at Kota Kinabalu due to tyre problem. And finally reached 4 hours later after expected arrival. Despite the rough arrival, I am content with the overall workshop. Met 49 other delegates from all over ASEAN. Plus, the friendly volunteers that brought me around Brunei. The workshop involves exciting talks from amazing speakers, group discussion, jungle trekking at Sumbiling Eco Village and the main highlight was presenting the green business idea.

Some of the interesting facts I gathered about Brunei during my stay there are like for pedestrian walk, the cars are supposed to stop and let people walk unlike Malaysia where we must use the power of our hands to cross on the pedestrian walk. Other than that, Brunei have this special no car day on Sunday (till noon only if I am not mistaken) and the people there will cycle around the city be it the kids and adults, everyone participates. Not to forget their main mosque and palace are made from PURE GOLD. Mind blown. As for their food which I though might be similar to Malaysia, they have all the odd names like Hati Buyah, Hati Kura, pusu and so much more. Interesting, but I was quite traumatised after having diarrhea one day after trying all of those things. Even their night market were very organised under one building. I was told that their king sponsored the building to allow citizens to practice small enterprise.

Together with the Malaysia team at KK. 

With my two Indonesian buddies: Lia and Anya

Representing Malaysia with our beautiful traditional clothes

Sunday morning view at the city

Brunei 33rd National Day

Getting ready to board to Sumbiling Eco Village

Entered Temburong district

Welcome to Sumbiling Eco Village

The villagers working hard to serve us bamboo chicken
Unique satays

A glimpse of the golden mosque

The majestic palace

Together at the "organised" night market

At Tasek Lama where we can hike and enjoy the scenery of waterfall

The whole workshop has been a colourful experience for me personally. I still can't believe it is over. I am like, am in Malaysia already? I am going to miss the positive environment given out by everyone. I am no longer confined in a small understanding on what green generation is all about. I was happy to meet other ASEAN delegates and together we were all able to grasp the eco-preneur concept related to the economy, environment, empowerment and network. Not to forget, our team won the Green Business idea pitch which enables us to go to the Philippines this April! In a nutshell, I'd like to thanks the US Embassy BSB , local villagers who brought us around to appreciate Brunei and the secretariats for organising this wonderful event. Also, to my supportive team, team 10 (Anya, Tuyet, Hilmi and Nune) and amazing mentor: Bryan. Without all of you, the days would be lonely and lifeless.  I am proud to be a YSEALI alumni now. Looking forward to participate in YSEALI programmes and YOU should too! :)

My team (Team ACES) and team TheEcotourist that will go to the Philippines for an immersion programme this April

With the whole delegates and mentors for Generation Green workshop.

I'd like to leave a saying for all of us to ponder from Craig Allen, US Ambassador to Brunei:

"It is my hope that this workshop will help the GenerationGR3EN delegates to increase their knowledge and skills in being an eco-entrepreneur; and that each person will leave here with a firm understanding of how business and the environment go hand-in-hand. I have no doubt that this workshop will leave speakers and delegates equally inspired, and increasingly enthusiastic to find real solutions to the challenges we all face. The delegates we have here to day are the future of ASEAN." 

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