It is more fun in the Philippines.

Kamusta and hello! 

Amidst of my unending assignments and workload at the office, I made it to the Philippines. Yay, alhamdulillah. I never expected to be able to travel to two countries within two months. Continued Learning Immersion Programme was actually a continuation programme from what I participated at Brunei earlier this year. Being in one of the winning team for the green business idea pitch, my team and I was selected to go to the Philippines. It was held at Metro Manila (Makati city) and Tagaytay. We were equipped with several components namely design thinking, advertising and marketing, crowdfunding, branding and negotiation skills. 

Going to Manila for the first time was a thrilling experience for me personally. Apart from the horrendous traffic jam and the heat, Manila welcomed me with their exciting culture and people. The first day was quite packed with getting to know Manila itself. 

We were brought to the US Embassy Philippines then we head to head to see the Jose Rizal National Monument, the Manila Hotel (that was established in the year 1912), visited the national museum, had a Bambike (bicycle made from bamboo) tour around the streets of Manila and we dined with the local cuisine and enjoyed the cultural entertainment at Barbara's. The upcoming two days were followed up with intense yet exciting workshops with amazing and lovely speakers. Not to forget the fun networking night we had at A Space. 

Jose Rizal picture at the national museum

Bambike tour

View around Manila

View of a church in Manila

Dinner at Barbara's

On the third night, we travelled to Tagaytay for a glamping experience at Nurture Wellness Village. Glamping basically means glamorous camping - where you have fan, light and a mattress (with a pillow and blanket) in your tent. We were pampered with delicious food and massage before we sleep. Then we continued another day at Tagaytay by exploring the farms and serious discussion for our potential business startup. 

Imagine waking up with birds chirping and fog in front of your tent.

Vegetables are picked fresh to be put in our food.

Morning exploration to the farm

And lunch is served
After the discussion, we had a simple wrap up and closing ceremony of the programme and we head back to Metro Manila for our final night in Manila. The whole journey was short and sweet. With this, I hope the ASEAN country members will strengthen. Unity in diversity. We have so much in common from our culture and language. Thus we definitely can be ONE in bringing up each other success in our respective countries. Last but not least - It is DEFINITELY more fun in the Philipines. Paalam. Goodbye. Till next post! :)

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