Of all places, Terengganu.

It has been four days since I am back here, in Subang Jaya. I miss Terengganu already. The amusing pink sunrise. The gorgeous blue skies. The soothing ocean. The sound of the happy chickens and goats. Away from the city. Felt refreshed. 

Yes, I was ecstatic.

Thus, everything in the universe has been created beautiful, with purpose and in proportion and measure, both qualitatively and quantitatively (al-Qamar 54:49). 
Going there was definitely one of the best retreats I have this year. A gift for myself. After the hard work of my first semester, dealing with work and SEA Games. It was a short yet memorable trip. With the initial intention to meet my ex-roommate for her wedding (at Besut), I ended up going around Kuala Terengganu as if I was a tourist. Why as if? For those that have just started reading my blog, welcome! For goodness sake, I've studied in Terengganu for three years. Only now I have started to appreciate what was beside me all the time. Haha.  

The road trip began with my journey to board the bus to Kuala Terengganu from Terminal Bersepadu Selatan (TBS). It took me one hour in a half via LRT to get to TBS. Then by bus, I reached Kuala Terengganu at 4.30 a.m. in a drowsy state. The driver brought the passengers in a ping pong game manner. Thanks a lot. Reaching there, I walked to my former university - Universiti Malaysia Terengganu (UMT) and somehow amazed with the new look. A new brand gate. A ship wrecked right in front of the entrance (I don't really get it but I guess it signifies UMT is always drowning from the flood). Also a brand new UMT logo. Cute. 

Had breakfast at 6 a.m. at a nearby stall and went again to UMT to watch the sunrise. No more beautiful UMT beach like what I had in the year 2013, but there is a place to witness the sunrise. It was surreal. I just smiled. It has been awhile since I had this opportunity. After the stroll at the so-called UMT beach, I went ahead to prepare myself to go to Besut. It took me and my friends an hour and a half to reach there via car. It was a joyful day. Our good friend is getting married! Alhamdulillah. The solemnisation was simple yet a stream of people came to celebrate it. Congratulations once again, Kak Aishah. 

With the happy bride and groom

Three ex-roommates together.
The post-wedding event, my friend and I had this crazy idea. To climb Keluang Hill, ten minutes from my friend's house at Besut. Using our dresses at the wedding. As for me, I wore baju kurung (Malaysian traditional wear). It was a simple hike. One hour for the whole hiking session. Up and down. Though, I was panting the whole way since I was not really ready. But the joy when I was up there was priceless. I. Did. Not. Regret. My. Decision. It was mesmerising. However, going back to Kuala Terengganu was a mess. It took us four long hours to reach there due to the jam. It was Eiduladha celebration after all. By night time, I spend the night out at Dapo Pata (a hipster chilling place by the beach).

Along with my friends up the hill.

Still can't believe I wore baju kurung while hiking? Here's the proof! :)

The next day, I was privileged to be treated as an honourable guest by a good friend of mine - Syuhada Hasri. I was brought around Kuala Terengganu namely Terengganu National Museum, Pasar Payang, Batu Burok Beach and Mydin. Teehee. Cravings and my longings were satisfied. Ate Nasi Kerabu. Drank coconut drink. Played with the sand. Enjoyed the blazing sun. Spent a night in Marang. 

Can't get over the beautiful paintings at Terengganu National Museum.

I was ambitious. I landed on your heart ;)

Terengganu National Museum!

Terengganu street art

Terengganu street art.

The new look of Pasar Payang.

It was a blissful road trip. Had so much fun. Strengthened silaturrahim (relationship) with my friends. Release my stress for awhile. Hoping to start the new semester with a positive me. Pray for me, dear friends. Hope to achieve more in near future. Need to stop procrastinating and start doing. Looking at life in brighter perspectives. To inspire others. Let us all, do that. 


Waiting for you here, still. :)

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