Growing Up in 2017.

It is finally the end of the year. Looking back on my one year journey, it has been one great year. It is fascinating to see the growth in experience, achievements and love surrounding me. I was reflecting a lot on what have I done and have not done. I believe that everyone is given a fair chance by God to experience life gradually. As I was watching Aida Azlin's video, I decided to answer her top 10 questions for a review of my own 2017.

1. Name three words that best describe 2017?

Courage. Love. Blessed.
I have been more courageous to chase my dreams.
I am loved by many.
Blessed with Allah's help and opportunities.

2. The biggest lesson you've learned this year.

To always believe in yourself and not get influenced by anyone after making a decision.

3. The biggest change I made this year.

Becoming fitter? A better version of myself. A transition from the chubby girl that use to hate jogging but now she can jog effortlessly (that was a little exaggerated, I meant I jogged with less panting) for 5km. I started my exercise regime by first joining a fitness group which then I began to participate in four runs in total this year. I even started hiking at several hills. Surprisingly too, I bought myself a set of dumbbells and yoga mat. What else can I say? I am excited to a new me. A whole new transformation for a newbie. I was also ecstatic to actually invite my friends to my exercise routine. Not to forget, I made my mom jog along with me. Yay for us! :)

4. The best decision I made this year.

Enrolled in MSc (Science, Technology and Sustainability) course at University of Malaya. From there, I saw many opportunities to grow in experience and friends. Initially, I have been hesitating to join masters in coursework because I enjoyed doing research. Little did I know I could enjoy the classes. Indeed, Allah had better plans for me. From philosophy to ethics, I am truly enjoying each class, alhamdulillah. With supportive lecturers and jolly friends, the classes never get dull.

5. The best single achievement I made this year.

I guess my best single achievement is reading extensively again. 2016 was the year where I stopped reading for awhile. The reading spirit just vanished. Swept by the wind I guess. But for 2017, I can say I am much more happy to read, I've also borrowed plenty of books from the library and I bought loads of book for my own satisfaction. I wished I had more money though so I can buy more and more books. Anyone wants to sponsor me? Hee :D

6. Who helped me through 2017?

I could say my sister helped me through 2017 a lot. She became one of the best listeners for my problems and tantrum. She is quite hasty at times and she bites! But her love is unquestionable. Her favourite sentence is: I may not look like I care but I do care... Awwhh, thanks, Adik. Love you from the front door to my room. Haha. :)

7. Which worry was unnecessary this year?

This is quite hilarious reflecting back. Earlier this year, I was sobbing hard regarding marriage. Like when am I actually getting married? Looking at majority of my friends (when I say the majority, yes most of my close friends are married and I don't know why I have them in my circle of friends, haha) who are married and also having babies at the age of 24, I was just dumbfounded. I'm like: Am I the only one feeling like this? Longing for my other half? Haha. But soon as the half of the year went by, I see that it is actually unnecessary. The feelings faded away. Marriage was not my priority already. Getting myself ready first, would be the priority. I needed to enjoy the world. Travel more. Read more. Be happy with me. Plus, ensuring my parents are content is more important for now. So heads up, and let things come naturally. Let's love when I am ready and not when I am lonely. The time will come, insyaallah. :)

8. How did you grow emotionally this year?

Hoping that others will help us all the time will cause us to be more upset if we are not attended to. Relying upon Allah for this whole journey definitely helped me to grow emotionally and spiritually. So knowing that God won't leave your side, soothes everything up. I am pretty sure everyone has their own episodes of ups and downs. Know that you are not alone, and this world is just temporary will enable us to not be attached to the world. Detach from the world's greed and desires. We are travellers in this world after all.

9. Your happiest moment this year?

I am fortunate to be involved in countless opportunities throughout the year. Blessed with each experience, Allah gave me. Alhamdulillah.

Went to Brunei and Manila thanks to YSEALI.
Registered for masters at UM.
Participated in four (5km) runs this year.
Became part of and Jejak Tarbiah family.
Elected as the secretary for Malaysian Alumni American-exchange Program.
Went to my alma mater at UMT Terengganu for a holiday.
Published an academic paper with my beloved supervisor and senior.
Volunteered at the 29th SEA Games 2017.
Reunion with my SMK Subang Jaya friends, UMT friends and Enactus family.
Went hiking at Bukit Saga, Taman Botani Shah Alam, Taman Saujana Hijau and Kota Damansara Community Forest.

10. Your saddest moment this year?

Hmm, I am not sure myself. Haha.

A compilation of selected events in 2017

2017 has been a wonderful year for me to discover my own mind, heart and soul. I went through a lot and challenged myself to overcome things. I should continue to have new aspirations and goals so I may not skid along the way. As for my 2018 resolutions?
  • Pray on time. 
  • Overcome procrastination!
  • Commit to one day one page.
  • Be active in conservation works. 
  • Relearn Mandarin: Master HSK2.
  • Graduate in 2018 with distinction? Insyaallah.
  • Living a healthier lifestyle, at the same time reducing 5kg of my weight :p.
  • Start writing consistently with and my own blog too, hopefully insyaallah.
  • Read more books. Buy more books. Borrow more books at the library. And journal them up. 
Before I end, I would like to quote Prof Thiru (my lecturer and idol) once again on how we should vision our future and move forward:

Believe in yourself. God gives each one of us talent thus do not let others define you. The more we know, the more we should be humble. Never forget to express your love to your parents and family. If you are confident with what you know and do not know, we don't need to feel insecure or worry about what others say. What matter most is to have fun and enjoy life as it is. 
Alhamdulillah 'ala kulli hal for 2017 and bismillah for 2018. Keep going. Keep growing, people! :)

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