Follow the Light.

The light was always there,
full with His sustenance,
bestowing His favours,
showering our desires,
benevolently waiting for us,
to turn back to Him,
and yet we ignore His signs.

The light was always there,
but we choose to rebel,
guiltless for wanting more,
relinquishing others to be good,
constantly simulating the wicked,
falling short on deeds,
and we evolved to be ingrate beings.

The light was always there,
forgive us, God!
for the betrayal,
for the injustice of amanah,
for the unending sins,
we wandered blithely with the time You gave,
and still not blaze us with Your wrath.

The light will always be there,
He will always forgive,
Only if, we follow the light.

Liyana Yamin,
4.41 a.m.
16th rabiulawal 1439.

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