Lady With The Camera

"Here she is... The important person for today. The camerawoman."

I used to think that I was good at taking pictures. So I shamelessly volunteered as the one in charge of taking photos for Care2Run's event. Though before attending the event, I thought I will just take simple pictures of people here and there. As I reached the event place, little did I know,  I was wrong. The word KL Bar Run 2018 was displayed at the main bunting and I was shocked. Am I suppose to take pictures of the Care2Run children's running? Mind you, I was only using my sister's camera - Samsung NX300. Not with any fancy fabulous lenses. I barely have any experience taking pictures during any big event at all. All this while, I've been taking pictures of sceneries and static things only. Oh dear. 

My mind went blank.

I comforted myself saying that, no worries. Let's just focus and capture whatever emotions in the event will be. Although this will be my first big photography event, I need to start somewhere, right? Plus, National Aspiration Leader Symposium (NALS) is coming up! So I needed this practice. Psstt... I will be one of the media officers there, so keep an eye on me you might be pictured in NALS social media. 

Anyways, KL Bar Run 2018 changed my life (literally) in viewing how we should run. I was amazed how motivated was the children to run. I was inspired how they practiced hard and unleashed their potential just by running. And what mattered most is the will to complete the run. It is not a race but to complete the run on their own timing is a privilege. Never knew that just by taking pictures, I was able to witness the children's characters. It was fulfilling. 

Below I share a few of the snapshots I took during the event. Hoping to contribute more to the society by taking moments to be remembered. 

Lady with the camera~

One of the mentors explaining things to his mentee. 

Hugs <3 He did a wonderful job!

One of the youngest mentee

Never stop running~

The children suggesting some cupcakes for lunch. 

The Care2Run team

Note: Care2Run provides opportunities for primarily disadvantaged children (shelter homes, poor/broken families) to run with mentors who are ordinary working adult volunteers. It aims to use sports to nurture a growth mindset among the children and inspire them to achieve their goals using sports psychology while they are guided by staying fit and eating healthy. 

For further updates on Care2Run or if you are interested to become one of the volunteers, kindly refer this link.

Run hard when it is hard to run - Pavvo

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