Rainbow Warrior Ship

A late picture post of my trip to the tour of the Rainbow Warrior Ship by Greenpeace. I went there with my fellow Malaysia Youth Delegation (MYD) team on 2nd June. It was a sunny day and exciting day for all of us. But as soon as we arrived, we were told that we needed to wait as there was an unexpected crowd of attendees. We ended up waiting for 2 hours prior boarding the ship. Nevertheless, we enjoyed the tour by our German guide, Flo. More write-up on this can be read at Powershift Malaysia website written just because I feel like expressing the day through pictures below. Till next time. Cheers!

The Rainbow Warrior Ship

Waiting to board Rainbow Warrior Ship

The excitement that overshadows the heat

A sneak peak into the ship

The 58-metres A frame for sailing

Dolphins as their symbol of freedom

The bridge of the ship

Bought myself two stainless steel straws as my pledge to reduce plastic straws

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