Why The Walking Beetle?

People often ask me the relevance of my blog's name. Well, to be frank, my sister used to prank me with beetles. Beetles are definitely one the fear I can name of. But as a matter of fact, I actually adore them. Just don't let them come flying near me. Or I will scream unnecessarily. Teehee.

Thus, I picture the beetle as me which I hope I can overcome the fear with. Of course, as a being, I am always walking and moving forward. So came the word The Walking Beetle.

I am Liyana born in Kuala Lumpur and raised in Subang Jaya. Currently pursuing my masters at University of Malaya in Science, Technology and Sustainability. Enjoys reading, writing, walking by the beach, jogging, photography and... sleeping. :)

Welcome to my blog! Enjoy reading the compilation of my journey and life story.

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